History of Temple – Kottankulangara Temple

History of Temple

Kottankulangara Devi Temple is a very ancient and holy center where thousands of believers derive mental condolence and peace of mind to tide over the miseries of life.

The plot of land where the temple is situated at present was an attractive place full of natural beauty resembling the serene outlook of the forest. The thick growth of trees and plants and creepers always gave the quietness of mental tranquillity. On the northwest corner of the plot there existed a small deep pond known as Bhoothakulam. People believed that this place was a comfortable shelter for poisonous snakes. On the eastern side there was a huge extensive deep pond. During the days of rain, a stream originated from here and it would make the Kareelil Padom fertile and cultivable. As this place was full of thick growth of grass and pure water the teenagers of the neighbouring places used to assemble here with their cattle.

One day the cowboys got a coconut from this place. They found a stone on the southern part of Bhoothakulam. When they hit the coconut on the stone (with the intension of removing the husk), they all got alarmed and frightened as they found drops of blood dripping from the stone. They explained the wonderful phenomena to the elders. The astrologer suggested that the stone contained the supernatural powers of VANADURGA and poojas should be started immediately after constructing a temple. The elders and cowboys cooperated and constructed a temporary temple using poles, leaves and tender leaves of coconut palm. It was a custom in ancient days that BALIKAS used to prepare flower garlands, lit the pooja lamps in ancient Kudumba temples. Accepting this tradition, the cowboys wearing the dresses of women and girls, offered poojas in the temple. The milky liquid prepared from coconut kernel was boiled, the medicinal oil (Urukku Velichenna) extracted and solid substance taken (Kottan) was offered to the goddess as Naivedyam. The poojas continued without any break.

The temple which originated on the banks of the pond with Kottan as the first Naivedyam come to be known as Kottankulangara Temple. The annual temple ceremony comes toward the end of March every year. In order to commemorate the legend and origin of the temple, the model of the ancient temple is being constructed every year.

The devotees stand long lines from Kunjalummoodu to Arattukadavu at the time of the Devi’s journey from Kunjalummoodu. Seeing this spiritual procession, the devotees derive unlimited amount of spiritual joy and believe this sight would help them all to have comfort and mental pleasure and redressed from the unforeseen miseries of life.